I’m Lydia Salewsky (pronounced Suh-less-key). Once upon a time I met this attractive hunk and thought “Oh this poor guy, what a weird last name.’ – well, long story short, a few years later it became my last name too…

I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer located in northern Oregon. Couples and families are the heartbeat of my business, but I’m excited to expand into birth photography when the time is right. Anywhere there’s real emotion to be captured, that’s where I’ll be.

I am a lifestyle photographer because I absolutely love it: raw, genuine, real life pictures that are oozing with energy and emotion. If you want posed, cookie-cutter, fits-inside-the-box shots., well you’ve come to the wrong place but if you want to capture your family while they giggle and cuddle and whisper and run, I’m your girl. These types of images makes my heart explode into a million bright shards of  happiness like nothing else can.

Rose is my maiden name and my daughter’s name and my business name (duh) so obviously I love roses- which is ironic since as a kid I thought roses were the most boring flower IN THE WORLD. Oh the irony.

My hair was stick straight the first 14 years of my life, and then my family moved out to a farm and my hair transformed into a full-blown dandelion to match the countryside- so if you ever see my hair even slightly tame, know I did NOT wake up like that.

I met my husband while running through a grocery store. Literally running, because I was a hot mess that night and hoped I wouldn’t meet anyone I knew. Fate, you sneaky devil.

I was a nanny until two weeks before I got married and I miss “my kids” every single day. Don’t be surprised if I start singing disney or talking in a terrible accent to get your kids to warm up…it’s what I know best.

My baby girl is the light of